Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HTC Flyer review written by a DIE HARD Nokia fan.

I have used Nokia phones since my first phone a 5110, my current phone is a N900, which is about as far from my starting point as you can get and still call it a phone. This is what I call it since most people I talk to do not understand what a smartphone or internet tablet is about.

This review is written against the backdrop of having used the N900 for a year. To have a look at the full specs you can go here. To put it lightly I have not found out what it cannot do yet. Many things are straight out of the box and many more can be added by choosing the right software from the net.

I have had the HTC Flyer for about a week now and I am enjoying it immensly. Again for the full specs you can go here.

Lets get one thing straight, this is not a phone nor a phone substitute. It cannot natively make voice calls though it can send and recieve SMS. Voice calling can only be added by installing Skype or some alternative.

There is deep Google integration as one would expect as it is running Android. The software works almost seemlessly with all Google accounts such as Google+, Picasa, Gmail etc. There is also very good navigation with the Maps, Navigation and Places. Other popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook are also well supported. There is an option to allow Geolocation for all social netwrok entries if you wish. This is easily switched off via the Settings panel.

I am using a piece of free software called Astrid. This is a to do manager that also integrates with your Google calender. With this installed the Flyer could comfortably become a  handy assistant.

One of the features of the HTC Flyer that seems to get a lot of attention is the stylus. This is no ordinary stylus, it is not used for day to day tasks of clicking the screen, that is what your fingers are for. The stylus is for writing in the Notes application, for high lighting screen shots taken when you click the screen with the stylus. You can even use it to capture a signature on a PDF forms for later printing through a WiFi network or printer. There are two buttons on the stylus, one for high lighting and the other for erasing. This is easily the most out standing and usefull part of the HTC Flyer.

Much of what the Flyer can do depends on being connected to the Internet, so I am a little confused as to why they would make a no 3G version with only WiFi connectivity. This is the 3G version by the way. If you do not plan on having some sort of always connected internet either through data plan,pay as go or WiFi I would not recommend you get a HTC Flyer.

Everything to use the Flyer is included in the box, together with a nice cover to slip the Flyer into with a holder for the stylus. The cover is not pictured here because I did not even notice it in the box until the second day. Never throw equipment boxes away. If you want to sync your flyer with Outlook or use your pc for device backups you will have to download and install HTC Sync from the Internet. This took me about 20 minutes on 1meg ADSL.

If you are looking to buy just the hardware you can go here. I got mine through FNB, but this is only open to FNB customers.

If you have this or another tablet let us know what you think in the comments.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the websites or manufacturers contained in this post.


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