Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Long Awaited Nokia N900 Review.

I have said this before and I will say it again, I am a Nokia fan.

When I had some spare cash I decided to get myself a new phone. I was looking for something that could do everything but still remain portable.

After much searching I found the Nokia N900.

What an awesome phone. Or like Nokia styles it "an internet tablet". This piece of hardware is not going to be everybodies cup of tea. First of it is running the open source Memeo operating system, not the usual Symbian that many of you love and hate. More on this a little later.

This phone is a geeks dream. You can change all the software right down to the operating system. I even duel booted with Android for a little while. I have honestly not found anything that it cannot do yet, including brain scans if the correct software and hardware is installed. And the best thing about all this power is that it comes from open source software.

Right out of the box you have deep integration with software and services such Skype. Add programs such as Pixelpipe and your various social network apps and accounts then sharing becomes a breeze. The N900 has a rear facing 5Mp camera and dual xenon flash for taking some good photos, even at night. The Nokia N900 also has a front facing camera for Skype Video calling which can be activated right out of your address book.

The navigation option is really good. This uses both the built in GPS and cellular data to give a very accurate position. There is no voice guidance. The maps can be downloaded and stored locally.

This brings me to my only gripe with this excellent piece of hardware: BATTERY LIFE. The bane of the existence of modern smart phones. I recently took a trip where I used the navigation extensively with both Wi-Fi and cellular data running. Even on a car charger the phone was completely dead in two and half hours. Having said that I have managed to get two full days use out of just the phone, without needing to recharge. My advice to anyone is to carry a way to charge with you.

Memeo is an open source operating system, developed and maintained by an army of volunteer and community programmers. It is free to use and distribute WITHOUT COST but with certain license restrictions according to the GPL. This may seem a little strange to those who are only used to a world of Windows. There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding open source and free software. Have a look through the resources, maybe you will switch forever.

For full specs go here Nokia N900

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