Thursday, October 11, 2012

More HTC Flyer and Android goodness.

I have a small home network setup.

I am using a SMC Barricade as the wireless access point and the DHCP server. It is using the g standard for networking speed. This is hardwired to a desktop that is currently running Windows XP. There are some plans to later install Mythbuntu and Ubuntu Server as two separate installations. The reason behind this is for me to be able to use the systems to learn on.

The desktop system has a fixed ip address assigned to it by the Barricade router, this is linked to the hardware mac address. The router is never switched off. This is all done so that I can use the WOL app to switch on the desktop from my HTC Flyer. I then use a combination on androidVNC (on the Flyer) and RealVNC on the Windows desktop to log into and control the desktop. On the desktop I installed VLC media player. One of the best features of the VLC player is the option to allow a web interface. Along with the VLC direct the I have installed on the HTC Flyer it allows me to control the media from the Flyer.

So far after a week of using this setup I have not found any problems.

This is a great way to turn your Android into a universal control for your computer. An amazinging way to startle and amaze little kids for hours of funny that does not get old.

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